Because of reasons!

1. Pansexual
2. being normal, controlling my feels and waiting, XD
3. yeah that one is a secret. sorry. >.-
4. I’ve only ever had the one “official” one. 
5. fragile. it varies every day. lately it has been surprisingly ok. 
6. In real life and tumblr: Ryan, Michelle, Caitlin, Nicole, Angela, Jen, Marissa Marisa, Meredyth, Dylan, Erin Trishla, Austin, Quinn, Rachel, Amber, Cole, Veronica, Lewis, Jess… wow. and I am not even done. I know I forgot some of my favorite people. SORRY! T_T
7. The Little Prince
8. apathy, ignorance, and as bad as this may sound conservative (fiscal and mainly socially). yeah… 
9. Well my best friend in real life here in Chicago is the smartest person I know, also a philosophy major but at a different school, and I’ve known him since high school. 
10. right now? OCELOT! 
11. My Texas friends who need to visit me right MEOW!
12. we drifted apart. still good friends though. so there’s that. :D
13. homework. watched tv. read. quite boring, eh?
14. uhm… having a 3.9 in classes in my major so far with mainly upper level classes?
15. hrmmmm. Conservative and douche-y
16. Payphone, I Will Follow You Into the Dark, Bonfire, Thoughts of a Dying Atheist, Whatsername. 
17. I was drunk. BOOM!
18. eyes, smile, personality.
19. 8 fish, 2 hamsters, a guinea pig, a dog named Pepper. 
20. at the moment? dulce de leche 
21. with someone. 
22. I haven’t repeated this. ever. and don’t plan to. 
23. Plano Tx, and Chicago Il. 
24. you read/are smart, love TV/movies, can talk philosophy, are passionate, etc.
25. go to grad school, teach philosophy, fall in love and get married? maybe. 
26. to tell my feels or not to tell my feels?
27. Classes! Kant and Biological Anthropology 
28. Professor!
29. got called out for sleeping in class cause I snored super loud. >.-
30. my looks and my intellect. 
31. save some, buy some books and clothes, and then buy things for my friends and family! 
32. Well there are two major ones right now. They are both sweet, fun, smart and beautiful and GAH! I can’t say too much because of reasons. 
33. I believe I am a good friend/listener. 
34. same as the turn-offs. ignorance, apathy, conservatives.
35. Green Day, Journey, Death Cab, Ingrid Michaelson, Jimmy Buffet, Lady GaGa, Semi Precious Weapons. 
36. two
37. wandering outside, thrift and book shopping, food, tea, tv, and cuddles. and baking!
38. debate/coaching debate, philosophy. 
39. parents divorce? it is all in perspective now but yeah… fucked me up. 
40. Europe. New York. 
41. That they trust me more than anyone and respect me and… yeah. it was really sweet and all. 
42. yes. the city, the school, not much I would change. except relationship status. lulz. 
43. Two sisters. Closer with the middle sister and we live together but things have gotten better with my oldest sister. Being the youngest helps. 
44. this seems to be a repeat? 
45. television, my music, trains outside. 
46. grades/classes. and will I die alone. XP
47. someone. :3
48. great! even caught up with them this weekend. 
49. I really like you.
50. it is an inbox message saying: “suuure thing :-) “
51. lack of self-esteem?
52. smarts, sense of humor, smile, passion, being well-read. 
53. not many really. 
54. well when it was happening… bullying.

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